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The seesaw of bipolarity - work in progress
It isn't easy,
riding the seesaw within my brain.
Will it rise, fall or give me a moment's peace?
When it's time to rise
I see the world through rose tinted glasses.
Now impossible to express anything but sheer happiness.
The darkness seems a lifetime away,
a surreal experience that just doesn't seem true.
Yet it is true.
Time passes and the fall begins
The world plummeting into darkness
All energy sapped from me
My spirit shattered
Deep despair filling every nook and cranny
I want nothing more than to disappear
Released from the shackles of my mind
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Christmas kitty  by EeriePlume Christmas kitty :iconeerieplume:EeriePlume 1 0 Fireworks  by EeriePlume Fireworks :iconeerieplume:EeriePlume 1 0 Epica - Bristol  by EeriePlume Epica - Bristol :iconeerieplume:EeriePlume 0 0 Red Night by EeriePlume Red Night :iconeerieplume:EeriePlume 3 0 Licky the Kitty by EeriePlume Licky the Kitty :iconeerieplume:EeriePlume 2 0 Cloud Papercut by EeriePlume Cloud Papercut :iconeerieplume:EeriePlume 1 0 My tribute to metal by EeriePlume My tribute to metal :iconeerieplume:EeriePlume 8 0
For those from a broken home - Father's Day
The cards, the presents, the laughter
That is what many of my friends will be giving today
But not me
I’m one of the many that came from a broken home
A bitter reminder of the fact I have been failed
Every year I ask
“Will next year be different? Will next year I have what others have?”
But now I know, I will never have that
Now you are no longer in this world
You were never there but now I know you never can be
The wicked demons have won.
Within my broken home
I see the cards on the fireplace
A reminder of how I was never wanted
Not that I would want to have been
But it wasn’t like you even tried
You have your own children
And I’m clearly not one of them.
But you aren’t mine either so I guess that’s okay
Happy father’s day to you, my friend
… But perhaps spare a thought for people like me?
People without a Dad
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The Addiction Devil
Right now, my heart is in my chest.
I stare at the words on this piece of paper
The Neurobiology of Drug Abuse and Addiction
No matter how far we advance in our understanding
It won't bring you back.
But at long last, my anger can dissipate.
Your brain became warped and broken by the poison that ran through your veins.
Plastic changes within the brain that drove you into obsession
Drove me far from your mind.
I wish I could have shown you what I know now.
I wish I could have prevented this from ever happening.
How different would today be?
Would you be there to watch me graduate?
Maybe our family would still be together
... Had the vodka not drove us apart.
I hope science can find the answer.
Because nobody deserves to suffer like you did.
Another tragic victim of the Addiction Devil
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Mature content
21 Years Through Her Eyes :iconeerieplume:EeriePlume 1 0
The Darker Side of Christmas
Laughter and smiles in the fire warmed home
Dancing around a tree adorned with pretty lights
Rustling of paper torn off in shear excitement
A cloth draped table full of delicious food
But behind the laughter and smiles
Dark secrets linger
Pain from a time now long gone, but never forgotten
Christmas is a time for family and joy
Yet to me, it serves a reminder of how that was cruelly taken
A shattered home
Christmas is a time of sacrifice
Every year I bury my feelings
Force a smile on my face and enjoy the day
But I know I will never receive what I want for Christmas
When December the 25th falls, I always wish for the same thing
I open beautiful gifts that fill me with a temporary joy
Yet there will always be a longing in my heart
A longing for something nobody can give me
Something I’ve dreamed of for the past decade
The perfect gift would be to receive what Christmas is meant to symbolise
A united family, celebrating together with love and joy.
"All I want for Christma
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Butterfly II by EeriePlume Butterfly II :iconeerieplume:EeriePlume 5 0 Butterfly I by EeriePlume Butterfly I :iconeerieplume:EeriePlume 9 2 Penny the Spider by EeriePlume Penny the Spider :iconeerieplume:EeriePlume 2 0
Provision Through The Darkness
Through each cold and gloomy night
You provided a light that shone bright
Through troublesome battles with demons
You provided a voice of reason
Through times where I showed my inner madness
You provided no judgement, your kindness was matchless
Through any of life’s uncertainties
You provided the strength to avoid all emergencies
Through the good and the bad
Together, there are far more delights to be had.
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Three people person
DEPRESSED DEBBIE: Not to sound depressed or anything, but I don't see the point in socializing like this. Or at all.
NEUTRAL NELLY: I just thought we'd meet and try to work out our differences while having dinner together. We're family after all, and proper meals and exercise is what keeps one in balance.
DEPRESSED DEBBIE: Wow, you're a living cliché!
NEUTRAL NELLY: You're a never ending teenage riot.
DEPRESSED DEBBIE: Adults loose touch with their believes, like you.
NEUTRAL NELLY: You really see me as an adult?
DEPRESSED DEBBIE: Yeah... What, you don't?
NEUTRAL NELLY: Sometimes. Mostly not.
NEUTRAL NELLY: I guess. Anyway, you need some food. You're a lot thinner than I remember.
DEPRESSED DEBBIE: Eating is kind of a way to tell life that you're on it's side. I'm not sure I'm okay with that.
MANIC MARIA: I don't need much food. I'm more just a mind than a mind + body creature. I'm a spirit similar to a god.
NEUTRAL NELLY: Sure you are honey, sure y
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I don't know why I'm making this, because the chances of me keeping them are slim to non-existent, but I should at least try, right?

So here's some shit I need to do in 2016:

~ Learn to drive
~ Learn to cook more than just stir fry
~ Eat less chocolate and pizza (this will likely fail but eeehhh)
~ Continue to develop strategies for my mental health
~ Finish my education
~ Get a full time job once above is done

That will do. Nice list to get me started.


EeriePlume's Profile Picture
United Kingdom

I'm Debz.

I wish I had purple hair but sadly I don't. If I bleached it, my hair definitely wouldn't thank me. Moving on, I should probably have been committed to a mental asylum many many years ago... It's fair to say I have a few screws loose. This is all very good fun though people find.

I like metal far too much really. If I go a day without, I have withdrawal symptoms.

I'm a geek. Video games and Biology <3

I know some lovely people. My friends are very important to me and if you hurt them I will hurt you down with an axe and violently butcher you. You have been warned.

Eh, I never know what kinda stuff to put. Just pop me a message if you want to talk ^___^

In fact.. I'm far more active on Facebook. I'd love to make some new friends so add me?


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